Although I don’t travel that much anymore, if I added up all the hours I’ve spent in airports waiting to catch a plane somewhere, I’d likely have a few days or weeks of time to spend on more engaging activites.  Albeit more recently over the past few years with the increased coverage of WiFi to just about end-to-end of most domestic journeys, and the bevy of wireless devices I travel with, the time is generally spent “in the office” holding at bay the work inbox.  And with the advent of virtual private networking and other secure telecommuting technology, it’s not unusual to be getting work done from the departure lounge while waiting on stopovers or delayed flights.

If you’re going to be stuck in an airport, you might as well have a spectacular vista like the one below; an evening fading away at MacDonald-Cartier in Ottawa; wearily waiting on a plane to take me home to Hali after a couple weeks away.