The energy to power civilization will not come from the wind….too much infrastructure and maintenance and they vibrate ALOT, especially considering the minute amount of energy they produce. Wind is not dense enough to satisfy modern demands, and in the future vibrations from huge wind turbines may be shown to be harmful to health and environment. All matter and energy exist as vibration.

Nuclear was and IS a terrible experiment tip of spear for the unbalanced male dominated nature of our sciences. And so naturally the decision was made a long time ago to explore our universe by violently destroying everything we can find to see what it’s all made of…smaller and smaller bits, a brutish obsession with finding the smallest thing that the universe does, and reaping the consequences in our society as a matter of thought.

nuclear_symbol-svgSolar could help with the move towards DE-CENTRALIZATION of electrical generation, which IS COMING as the Internet pulls the veil on disinformation and suppression of free energy devices, and the laws of energy conservation and relativistic interpretations of natural world shown to be flawed and incomplete. (vacuum flux density/accounting for energy of strong force in equations etc etc).

The status quo science establishment has been brainwashed into a corner by energy cartels and their media minions…educated into helplessness and dependency largely by greed, without any consideration for the human condition or suffering as a result. It really is a big CONSPIRACY lol.

There are no isolated systems in reality, and space is likely not an empty vacuum warped by the mass of objects…relativity is heavily normalized (fudge factor ) interpreted by mostly over-educated male scientists based on abstract equations and math and having little to do with reality. There are many “free” energy technologies which have been suppressed over the past hundred years by energy cartels to keep people on the grid and dependent on them. I believe the world will have free energy…it’s as inevitable as the sun rising each morning (literally)…there’s no stopping an idea whose time has come!

Heres just a few ideas people have had over the years, and the best is yet to come.