Tesla has opened the first of it’s charging stations at QuickChek, a chain of gas stations/convenience stores, in Kingston, New York.

Tesla installs Superchargers at QuickChek gas station in New York, considering to partner on more locations

“Tesla confirmed that they may collaborate with QuickChek to open more Superchargers at other locations in New York and New Jersey, where the company is operating over 150 gas stations and convenience stores.

Earlier this year, it was revealed that Tesla has been in talks with several gas station and convenience store chains about collaborating on the installation of Supercharger stations.

Sheetz, a gas station and convenience store chain with hundreds of locations primarily in the mid-Atlantic region, was the only chain that confirmed having talked to Tesla about it, but now we learn that QuickChek is among those interested and they already have their first station in Kingston –  along the Hudson river between New York City and Albany.” – Fred Lambert / Elektrek