“Syncronicity is an ever present reality for those who have eyes to see” – Carl Jung

A couple excerpts from a nice article about syncronicities in Wake Up World by Fiona Reilly.

“Do you feel the support of the Universe and guidance in your daily life? Are you aware of the energy field that is moving and continually creating around you? There is a natural flow of energy that moves through all things. It creates and shapes the current moment. You are a significant part of this flow and an intricate part of life’s web that is perpetually being woven.

The Universe continually invites and supports us in aligning with this Divine Dance. We are a necessary part of this interplay. When we pay attention and attune to this rightness, then remarkable miracles occur in our lives! It is not always easy or straightforward. Sometimes the flow may take us into challenges, so that we can unravel distortions and let go of that which no longer serves us and at times we don’t align with what is right for various reasons such as fear, past experiences or conditioning. Our world at this time can be a dense and complex place and we are likely to resist and get lost on occasions. The wonderful thing about the flow, is that it is always there waiting for us, we simply need to tune back to it again.

As we pay attention we notice signs and synchronicities presenting themselves in our landscape. It may be the way the wind moves through the trees, the words someone says or a car registration number that speaks to us. Such synchronicities may not always be pointing us in the direction that would seem obvious, rather they may be an invitation to explore something more deeply inside. They can be quite abstract, such as cloud formations, it’s what we notice about them and how we feel inside that is important. Initially we may need to be creative in interpreting what they could possibly mean. As we practice, the answers become more obvious. It pays to be curious and playful in our engagement with these experiences. Trusting in what we feel and what we interpret is also invaluable.” – Fiona Reilly via Wake Up World