Dr. Pierre-Marie Robitaille has started a Youtube Channel called Sky Scholar, in which he will explore in depth various topics from his substantial volume of work.  In the footsteps of pioneering giants such as Alven, Birkeland and Arp, Dr. Robitaille  is advancing our understanding of cosmology and natural philosophy despite intense mainstream resistance against his groundbreaking work.  And as with the aforementioned individuals, it seems it may take some time for the dogged waddle of mainstream science to catch up with the intrepid professor.

The first video in Dr. Robitaille’s series explores how we’ve arrived at the present day interpretation of what makes our big beautiful star tick.

Dr. Robitaille gained some notoriety in 2002 when he took out a full page ad in the New York Times contesting some “settled science”, and thus inviting the rancour of entrenched dogma from many of the foolish old high priests in academia and institutional organizations.  The mainstream reaction to Dr. Robitaille’s contrary perspective was predictably obtuse in the way which has become characteristic of the low-browbeaters when a truly revolutionary truth is spoken; and with a better understanding of the underpinnings this kind of archetypal resistance serves to highlight the importance of a particular work.

Dr. Robitaille has published a prodigious number of scientific papers, many of which are available on viXra, and been a distinguished speaker at pioneering Electric Universe and Observing the Frontier conferences.  Many of his fascinating and informative presentations are available on Youtube.

Thanks Dr. Pierre-Marie Robitaille for sharing your brilliance with the world, and for your unflinching commitment to follow the evidence wheverer it may lead in the face of considerable adversity.  The universe loves courage and one day soon you will be recognized for your substantial and ongoing contributions to the canon of human knowledge, and our understanding of ourselves and the world around us.