“I believe it is time to re-evaluate our theories of atomic structure, and the forces that work therein” – David Allan LaPoint

I agree with Mr. Lapoint, its long overdue…but unfortunately institutional academics has long been caught within the clutches of the corporatocracy, whereby the large energy cartels who own the textbook companies and also endow universities with $billions$ in research funding, set nice polite guidelines on what is possible and what is not in science, thereby steering research within safe margins (safe for their bottom line).  Academia, who are still dazed and smarting from the latest round of government funding cuts are left with no choice but to continue mis-educating our brightest young minds about a false theoretical framework and limitations which don’t actually exist in reality.  So until then it falls on our grass roots fringe thinkers, to continue pushing forward the reach of human ingenuity and understanding of our universe…steadfastly building new possibilities…to infinity and beyond.

After watching the videos I have many questions about primer fields…are the dual toroidal-shaped “fields” surrounding the photons/protons/electrons? Maybe the bowl shaped magnetic field emitters are only physical devices intended to simulate the shape (dual-torus) of the magnetic field properties necessary to reproduce the many natural phenomenon observed in atoms (strong force/gravity??) and in the macrocosm as mentioned in the videos(nebulas, pulsars etc.)….as above so below?? Are the bowl shaped magnetic field emitters not meant to be actually used in tech, but rather are simply demonstration props to illustrate the concept??

There seems no rule which says that magnetic field emitters need to be bowl shaped or even exist physically for that matter. If a person could figure out how to reproduce the magnetic field properties of the dual bowl shaped magnets through some kind of electro magnetic induction, or other clever manipulation it seems likely that the same magnetic field conditions would be present, and the same mimicking of natural phenomenon such as what standard model calls the strong force (and/or gravity??) supposedly within the nuclei of atoms holding it all together (but also apart – magnetism??). Keep in mind also that the magnetic primer field as described is not static, but rather a rapidly spinning vortex….so is the high voltage electricity via plasma simply revealing this pre-existing magnetic field condition, which seems likely to be present without either antagonist?? Many questions…

To me “Primer fields” implies that it’s a first step or preparation for something else….priming for what? What now needs to be added to the “primed” magnetic field? Could there be a way to utilize this magnetic condition, the same condition arguably present in self-sustaining phenomenon in both macro and micro kingdoms, to catalyze a stable infinite reaction, and further to tap that reaction to do work either mechanically (ejection force through top of containment dome) or by somehow deriving electricity directly from the same forces which spin atoms and twinkle stars?

Since entropy is fundamentally related to the arrow of time, then to me it follows that to negate entropy requires negating the arrow of time, or at least what we perceive as time in this dimension.


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