The bottom line is that strong AI (artificial intelligence) is steadfastly replacing human beings in all areas wherever this technology is being applied.  Where else can this technological development end but in a complete cybernetic domination and eventual replacement of the human body mind and spirit?  Why do we run towards technology which is clearly meant to replace us…completely?  We are here to live and learn, not have machines think for us.

The madmen are at the controls and the rest of us are stuck on this planet with them.  Just because we can do something doesn’t mean we should.  Please stop researching strong AI immediately and return to a more balanced state where we think and do for ourselves.

“The implications of recent advances in AI were a major theme at a technology conference organized by the White House and held in Pittsburgh today. Speaking on stage, Obama said self-driving Ubers, which are being tested with passengers in Pittsburgh, were a good example of the coming complexities. Although welcome and useful, vehicles that drive themselves will have some downsides.

“A huge percentage of the American population makes its living, and often a pretty good living, driving,” Obama said. “So understandably people are concerned about what this is going to mean.”” – Will Knight / MIT Tech Review