Isis landed on the deck of the English destroyer HMS Venator with a thud.  The English sailors standing about the deck were awe struck and stood speechless looking at Isis, her fedora tilted slightly into the Sun and oilskin trenchcoat flowing with the breeze off the channel.

“Which way to the bridge?”, Isis asked looking around at the sailors.

Without speaking one sailor pointed a trembling hand to a set of stairs.

Isis barged into the bridge control room to the surprise of the officers.  “Who are you”, barked Captain von Hagenbach, and gestured for two of his subordinates to contain Isis.

“I’m Isis the Superhero and I need to commandeer your vessel for the greater good of humanity” Isis answered evenly.

Captain von Hagenbach laughed and the other officers and sailors joined in.

When the ridicule subsided Isis continued, “you have 15 minutes to evacuate the ship and I will be back for your vessel”.

Captain von Hagenbach had a handkershief out now and was wiping the tears from his eyes, and the other sailors were all having a great chuckle.  Suddenly the Captains face turned dark and sinister, “apprehend this woman” he said authoritatively.  Two of the sailors who were armed began to move towards and corner Isis, and one began to reach for his gun.

Isis quickly activated her third eye to connect to unity consciousness, and slowed time for a moment to consider her options.  The bridge of the ship and sailors were still and quiet in Isis’ periphery while she worked directly with the energy matrix upon which our physical reality is formed. Isis selected a thin boundary around the approaching soldiers physical and energetic forms.  Then Isis pressurized the area between the sailors bodies and the energy field to cushion their bodies, and changed the inertial orientation of the atomic domain within the sailors bodies, setting a small inertial force upwards and away.  Isis then outlined a boundary around the captain, pressurized the space to protect him, and applied a small inwards inertial orientation to the atoms in the Captain’s body towards a point near his centre.

When Isis was happy with this setting she altered time back to half of normal speed, raised her left hand towards the sailors and angled her right hand, palm flat towards the centre of the Earth. The soldiers immediately lifted off the ground and were tossed gently back into the wall of the bridge scattering books and maps onto the steel floor.  Isis turned towards the Captain who was very slowly moving towards her and applied the preset alterations to the inertial orientation of the atoms in the Captain’s body.  Captain von Hagenbach’s face quickly turned from rage to disbelief as he struggled within an energetic cocoon as though in a full body straight jacket.

The sailors were still pinned to the wall six inches off the ground, and like Captain von Hagenbach, were held motionless, and Isis let them sit like that for awhile.  After a minute Isis asked the Captain if she could expect the ship to be evacuated in 15 minutes when she returned.  The Captain nodded affirmatively.  Isis released the energy fields and the sailors and Captain fell to the floor as their bodies began to feel Earth’s magnetic field again.  In a flash the Superhero Isis exited the bridge and flew straight up into the air, quickly disappearing into the Sun in the deep blue sky.

The Superhero Isis flew to Buckingham Palace and plunged straight down through the roof startling the queen and her evil royal minions in the room below.  Isis didn’t contain the energy of the explosion and debris rained down on the royal parasites.  One large board with a long sharp spike fell towards the demon prince Philip and hit him in the head, the great spike piercing through his eye socket into his brain and killing him instantly; painlessly.  First there is darkness, and then there is light.  Back to source with love.

Isis landed with a thud on one knee in front of the Queen, a cloud of dust rising around her.  9-26-12-Queen-Elizabeth_full_600

“What is the meaning of this peasant?”  the Queen retorted, so angry that one of her lizard eyes showed.


“I am the Superhero Isis and I’ve come to take your crown”, Isis stated evenly.  The queen laughed so hard her other lizard eye showed.  Isis slowly got to her feet, slowed time to one tenth normal speed and calmly took the crown off the head of the evil monarch.  Isis flew straight up through the hole in the roof, over the streets of London, and placed the crown on the head of the first homeless person she saw.  Isis flew back to Buckingham palace and found the slimy queen still sitting on her throne her lizard eyes blinking in slow motion in her slowed time domain.  Isis stepped toward the queen and kicked her hard in the chest sending her flying backwards along the shiny floor of the long hall all the way to the end where her head bumped into the wall, denting it and causing a huge coat of arms plaque of the British royal family to fall, cleanly slicing the rotten queen’s head off.

Another head grew back instantly, and the miserable aristocrat turned slowly to Isis hissing in slow motion with a forked tongue.  Before the evil creature could move again Isis punched the queen in her right lizard eye and then grabbed her by her fat ankles before she could fall.  Isis grabbed the disembodied first head off the floor and with the queen flopping around like a slow motion rag doll flew straight up through the large hole in the ceiling of Buckingham palace all the way to the edge of space, spinning the evil figurehead of oppression and her first head faster and faster until enough momentum was built up and Isis let go, casting them both into the Sun where their evil energy was instantly transmuted.  First there is darkness, and then there is light.  Back to source with love.

Isis flew back to Buckingham palace and grabbed the throne which was laying sideways on the floor.  The royal minions were still contained in a time domain one tength normal speed and had barely moved, still reacting to the initial ceiling explosion in their slowed reality.  Isis made time normal speed again for the entitled disgusting parasites, and when they had recovered enough to understand she said, “you have 15 minutes to clear Buckingham Palace.”  Without waiting for an answer Isis flew straight up through the hole with the throne in one hand, and and took the fancy chair to the first homeless person she saw sitting on the ground, and helped them up into it.

When Isis returned to the dock the HMS Venator was a ghost ship.  Anxious eyes peered out from the windows of the navy headquarters where the Captain was on the special red phone still trying to explain why he had evacuated his ship.  The staccato din of nervous chatter in the war room was interrupted by a great explosion overhead as Isis crashed through the ceiling and landed in the headquarters with a thud.  The dust and debris of the explosion were contained in a cylinder shape surrounding Isis’ body, and the papers on the desk nearest her entrance nary fluttered.  Isis directed the explosive energy back out the hole in the roof and a great plume of dust appeared over the building like a whale blowhole.

“Is the Venerant empty?” Isis asked evenly.  Everywhere mouths hung open and the toothpick which the Secretary of Defense had been chewing like a war pig dropped slowly from his mouth onto the floor.

“The ship is clear” Captain von Hagenbach replied grimly.

The Superhero Isis flew straight back up through the hole and installed a life support force field around her body 1 atom thick and plunged straight into the frigid waters of the channel.  Once underneath the massive vessel Isis touched the side of the hull and sensed the boundaries of the magnetic domain of all the atoms in the entire ship.  Then Isis changed the inertial orientation of those atoms to equal the mass of an apple.  Isis balanced the massive destroyer in one hand and flew up out of the channel, water seaweed and ideologies falling from the hull in reckless abandon.

Londerners everywhere stopped and gaped in awe at the sight of the HMS Venerant flying through the air, seemingly of it’s own volition, Isis’ body just a seaweed speck under the vessel.  Isis flew the massive destroyer towards Buckingham Palace and on the way asked the Creator through her guides to sort out who was to be recalled, and who was to remain, in the highest good of all.  The evil nexus of oppression came into view and Isis began flying faster towards Buckingham Palace and angling the destroyer for maximum devastation.  Just before releasing the behemoth towards it’s evil target Isis constructed a long thin cylindrical force field around the entire perimeter of Buckingham Palace, stretching up all the way from the Earth through space to the Sun, and altered the mass of the ship back to its original.  Isis released the massive warship and it glided silently through the air, it’s nose angling down slightly towards the throne room of Buckingham Palace.  The bow of the destroyer HMS Venerant crashed through the ceiling of Buckingham Palace and in an instant the rest of the hulking mass followed.  A great whump of concatenation was followed immediately by a huge explosion as every atom in the area of impact out to the energy field perimeter, was instantly vapourized.

Isis slowed time and gestured with her hands as though molding pottery, working the great energy from the explosion into coherence.  The debris and high energy particles in the area inside the cylindrical force field began to circulate, increasing in speed and intensity until a great vortex had formed.  Isis then lifted her left hand towards the centre of the cyclone, and angled her right hand palm flat towards the ground.  A pin-point of white light appeared in the centre of the vortex and grew in size and intensity until the shape of a triangle could be seen.  Then another triangle appeared below and opposed the first triangle fusing into a star tetrahedron.  The upper and lower triangles spun in different directions faster and faster until they appeared as completely still white light.   Isis moved her right hand from the ground and pointed her palm towards the Sun.  The still white light of the star tetrahedron began to gently pulse, and as the pulsing grew faster and brighter a great column of light ascended to the Sun, first as a steady stream of brilliant white light,  and then as a pulse slowing and dimming in intensity as the energy from the explosion drained.  A tiny barely noticeable spot appeared of the surface of our Sun to receive the energy.

When the force of the explosion had subsided, Isis released the energy field and a stray cat ran out from under a cardboard box just 1m from where the force field had been.  The Creator must like you thought Isis, and named the cat fate.

Isis flew up into the air pondering where to go next.  As she scanned the horizon a gold star of David twinkled in her periphery over Israel beckoning…

To Be Continued…