April 15, 2014

In fact, much to the chagrin of the high priests of science and other irrationally big egos, the level of rancour and backlash which is generated from willfully ignorant publications such as the worthless rag RationalWiki,  has become a fairly accurate barometer of the truth and value of  particular research.

It would seem the more vitriol and condescension which is generated on RationalWiki and other similar “debunking” publications, gives a pretty good measure of how close to the truth, and the scope of impact of various new ideas and theories.  This seems particularly applicable in the pure sciences and other fields which could have substantial impact on the current state of the human condition.  Because of the celebrated intolerance and seemingly purposeful obstruction of progress by the sadly pathetical RationaWiki, it has come to be that the more a researcher or their research is smeared by RationalWiki, the more interested many forward thinkers become in that particular subject.

The close-mindedness and dogmatism of the imbeciles at RationalWiki is no more evident than here on their Foundation page where this image under the header “Moderation” illustrates perfectly the misdirected ideology at play within the blight of ignorant skullduggery which is RationalWiki.

If in the highest good of all I hope that those involved in the administration and “moderation” of the misleading and biased RationalWiki, and all other close-minded exclusive organizations of their ilk, are gathered together and deposited into the timelines that they have chosen, where they can argue endlessly about the “gravity” of global warming, Einstein’s preferred toiletries, and how God can love them even while their nuclear sky catches fire and burns the semi-literate obstructors to a fine ash.

First there is darkness and then there is light.  Back to source with love ;)