Eric P. Dollard talks to a crowd at the San Francisco Tesla Society about the history and development of electricity from the perspective of a long time experimenter.  Eric “The Professor” Dollard offers some unique insights and perspectives on the sequence of events which has led us to the electromagnetic technology driven world we live in today.

“Nikola Tesla was a pinnacle in the electrical engineering world.  You have to keep in mind with regard to Nikola Tesla he wasn’t just a a sole flash out of the blue individual that appeared from nowhere and just figured all this stuff out.  What Nikola Tesla did is he rode the wave of an intellectual movement at the time.  He was the peak of it, the quintessence of all the studies and theorizing and the math and everything that had started with Galvani.” – Eric P. Dollard via History and Theory of Electricity


“Faraday experimented with the battery and the wires and making the sparks, studying the sparks,  and then what he found was the compass on the table pointer would move every time he was drawing sparks.  And what Faraday found was that magnetism was appearing even though there was no magnets, and that was the beginning of what we call electromagnetism, which is the basis of all our technology.  So what Faraday theorized was if the compass is sitting on one place on the table, and the inductive device that produces the magnetism is on the other side of the table, what is there in between?  And this is where the understanding of electricity evolved from.” – Eric P. Dollard via History and Theory of Electricity



So Faraday experimented and concluded that there was a fibrous structure in space that was responsible for action at a distance.  Action at a distance means that you can affect an object at a distant point without anything being in between; well there’s something nonsensical about that.  A conflict broke out between whether there was something in between, or something not in between.  So Faraday came up with the idea of what is called the aether.  The aether is a spacial medium, which Tesla referred to as an ultra-rarefied gas.

It seems to be that there is some kind of primordial atmosphere that permeates everything, and that’s what Faraday had theorized had existed, and referred to as the primordial aether, and the aether when it becomes polarized, through some kind of hydro-dynamical process like tornadoes and vortexes, that these lines of force were appearing in this aether.” – Eric P. Dollard via History and Theory of Electricity