bedini-labI was saddened to hear of the death of clean energy pioneer, inventor and scientist John Bedini, who died suddenly yesterday evening just four hours after his brother Gary passed away.

When first becoming aware of and beginning an education into alternative energy theories and practices, one does not get far without learning of the legend John Bedini, and his significant contributions and exploration of new methods of generating electricity and the underlying mechanics behind them.

john-bedini-111It seems John was well respected and admired by nearly everyone in the free energy community,  a truly remarkable feat in itself.  I have listened to and watched many of Bedini’s lectures, demonstrations and seminars, and have benefited much from his clear concise explanations of complex and highly technical topics.  John is described by his friends as a humble generous soul with a big heart, and from the many interviews and lectures I’ve watched, that certainly seems the case.

bedini-lectures_500pxMy favorite thing about John Bedini is that he never tried to make things more complicated by using obscure language or overly technical jargon to elevate ego and exclude audience, but rather broke things down in the simplest most practical terms to try and create understanding.  This is the mark of a great teacher, and proof of true understanding in real world terms.  Bedini really knew what he was talking about, in the way that only the great experimenters do, from watching natural phenomenon and being able to discern the patterns.

More recently John has released a DVD and book set called Bedini-RPX “The Bedini-Rife-Priore Device”, and gave a presentation on the topic at the 2016 Energy Science and Technology Conference in Hayden, Idaho.

In the youtube video at the bottom, Bedini explains some of rationale behind the Rife machine.

In John Bedini the world hasbedini-beardon lost a stalwart pioneer, mentor and inspiration to many, though his legacy will live on as the spark in the imaginations of all those who will learn from the extensive research and documentation left behind by this great man.  Like Heaviside, Stubblefield, Tesla and so many other brilliant minds in science and electrical engineering who came before him, John Bedini was ahead of his time, and the true measure of his achievements will need to ferment a little.

As John said when talking petrovoltaics in Energy From the Vacuum “No wine before it’s time”.

RIP John and Gary Bedini