In a wise and progressive move Berkley City Council unanimously adopted an ordinance to require cellphone retailers in Berkeley, California to provide consumers with information regarding the dangers associated with the wireless industry and more specifically, on cell phone radiation.

phoneThis ordinance is a big step forwards by creating awareness about this topic, which is clearly something we need more of. It specifically requires all cellphone retailers in the area to provide consumers with a notice on radio frequency (RF) radiation exposure and the proper guidelines to help users avoid this type of exposure. Warnings may include the dangers associated with carrying a phone in a shirt, pants, tucked into a bra or anywhere else on a person that may exceed federal safety guidelines.” – Arjun Walia / CE

This is great news for our civilization in general, as we are increasingly immersed in more and more powerful high-frequency radiation, with little research of the effects of wireless signals and electromagnetic radiation on human beings, and the plants and animals which share our biosphere.

“We think the science is pretty overwhelming at this point.  It’s important and we’re trying to accomplish that people are given the right to know that this information is in their phone or in the manual and is required by the Federal Communications Commission. They need this information at the point of sale so that they can make an informed decision for themselves and their families.” – Ellen Marks, founder and director of the California Brain Tumor Association / via  Northern California Record. “