Excerpt from article on Collective Evolution by Kalee Brown

“According to the Vedas, typical sounds such as waves crashing against the shore, wind tossing leaves, etc., occur when they strike against each other, forming waves of air molecules that we then perceive as sound. However, the sound of Om evolves on its own, so it is seen as the sound of the universe, made up of all that is. As Yoganand put it, to chant Om is “to represent all of consciousness.” (source)

“The Sanskrit word Om is pronounced like “Aum,” and is said to represent the threefold division of time (waking state, dreaming state, and deep sleep). Om also represents God, Source, or Universal Consciousness. It is considered the sound of creation, representing all that is in creation, and it allows for its practitioners to cultivate energy that flows upward through the chakras and then outward through the crown.”Kalee Brown via Collective Evolution

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Further to the metaphysical and spiritual aspects of chanting Om, recent research in “Cymatics”, the science of sound and resonance, have revealed interesting qualitative aspects to the Om chant as shown in the video below.  The researchers are using sand in a special speaker enclosure and playing the audio of the Om chant.  When the Om chant reaches a certain resonance (9:30 in video) the circular patterns in the sand, which are actually reflecting stillness, or the absence of vibration, turn into an ellipse which is a remarkable occurrence.