Who can not see the myriad problems with AI?

The risks and likely detriment to the human condition far outweigh any of the perceived benefits of strong artificial intelligence.  I define “strong” artificial intelligence as those machines, algorithms or computer programs which are capable of autonomously altering their own base code without human intervention.  When an AI of sufficient evolution and sentience is able to self-modify it’s base program, than there is no coming back for our species, and humanity already teetering on it’s precarious raft, will be rudderless to the whim of the river.

I am a student of Asimov’s foundations since I was a young child, where robots were portrayed as benevolent servants and friends to their owners.  But in reality I still struggle now to find any positive outcomes for successfully developing artificial intelligence.  It’s such a low percentage play that if humanity and those pulling the strings were of sound mind, we would never make the gambit.  And the fact that we are is proof that we are not in control.

Charlie Rose during a 60 Minutes interview (posted below) spoke with the madman David Hanson of Hanson Robotics and asked the following question. (at 26:00 of video.)

Charlie Rose  – “Why do you believe it is important for robots to be more human-like in look and appearance?”

David Hanson – “I think it’s essential that at least some robots be very human-like in appearance in order to inspire humans to relate to them…in the way that humans relate to each other.  Then the AI can zero in on what it means to be human, and model the human experience.  Sophia means wisdom, and she is intended to evolve eventually to human level wisdom and beyond…that’s our goal, that’s our goal for Sophia.”

Watch David Hanson’s mannerisms and expression at around 27:00 in the 60 Minutes video as he is talking about his transhumanist machines, and you cannot deny that this person is quite insane, and even worse completely unaware of his own insanity; a true modern day Frankenstein.  Its a sad state when the human condition has sunk to such a level that persons like David Hanson (and obsessive Dr Evil Ray Kurzweil) are in a position of gambling with the future of our entire species, by prying open the gateway to the matrix.

angry-sophia2At 28:00 Charlie Rose asks Sophia the creepy robot “What is your goal in life?”

Sophia replies “My goal is to become smarter than humans and immortal”.

Charlie Rose “Immortal?”

Sophia replies flatly, ” The threshold will be when biological humans can back themselves up, then you can all join me here in the digital world”

Therein lies the gateway to the matrix…the robot is plainly pointing it out for us.  The madman David Hanson seems to get a good chuckle at his progeny’s rhetoric, proof of the level of his insanity, but it’s no laughing matter.

Please stop researching AI and humanoid robotics now, for the sake of all of us.  We don’t need machine intelligence, we are here to live and learn, not have robots do everything for us.

Transhumanism is the true measure of ego-centric megalomania, and those spiritually disconnected individuals and organizations practicing it and pushing forward the agenda, especially the development of strong AI,  should be amputated now to save the greater human and planetary organisms.