Month: November 2016

Should be a surprise to noone

Recent allegations of human trafficking and pedophilia among the rich and powerful shouldn’t be a shock to anyone, particularly since many ahead-of-their-times like David Icke and Ted Gunderson (and even Johnny Rotten back in 1978) among many others have been saying the same thing for years, and in some cases decades.  The BBC reported in 2013 as revelations were surfacing that “The sheer scale of Savile’s abuse over six decades simply beggars belief. He is without doubt one of the most prolific sex offenders we have ever come across and every number represents a victim that will never get...

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Loretta Lynch and the Dept of Injustice: Enabling the Clinton Crime Cartel since 1999?

Seems like Attorney General Loretta Lynch is a big part of the problem with the cesspool that is US politics. Excerpt from Intellihub article… “It all started to publically go downhill for Lynch during the first investigation into Hillary Clinton’s carelessness with national secrets via her home email server. Right before FBI Director James Comey was to meet with Hillary Clinton to interrogate her about the subject, Lynch was busted having a secret meeting with Bill Clinton. The Washington Post reported: Clinton’s private, unplanned meeting with Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch at the Phoenix airport last week, coming at...

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