Month: February 2016

Henry “the Horrible” Kissinger, war criminal and megalomaniac

Henry “the Horrible” Kissinger…the disgraceful person who in 1973 single handedly turned the Nobel peace prize into a worthless bauble. Story below from 2011. “And we do know this: By a curious coincidence, all of these horror stories have in common the very man who’s soon coming to Toronto, Dr. Henry Kissinger (somehow the only PhD in the world who’s regularly called Dr.). As Richard Nixon’s national security adviser and both Mr. Nixon and Gerald Ford’s secretary of state, Dr. Kissinger enabled or endorsed every one of them. Readers should know that this statement is really quite uncontroversial. The...

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Start moving some of the fossil fuel subsidies into clean energy tech

Big subsidies to fossil fuel companies can’t just be cut off overnight…many hard working Canadian families put food on the table working in the energy sector and these people need to be considered.  The entire industry needs to be transitioned into clean energy, and so a higher portion of government funding should go to clean energy companies and tech to steer the future…its pretty simple. For example having deep federal rebates for electrical vehicles will get the domestic motivation for infrastructure rolling (charge stations, repair shops etc.), while also sending a message to car manufacturers that we’re ready for...

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Offshore fracking moratorium in Cali

“The federal government will not issue any new permits for offshore fracking in California after a settlement was reached on Friday in a case brought by the Center for Biological Diversity. The lawsuit alleged that federal regulators “rubber-stamped permits” without enough consideration for fracking’s impacts on coastal communities and wildlife, the Associated Press (AP) reported.” “This halt to offshore fracking is a huge victory for California’s coastal environment,” Kristen Monsell, an attorney with the Center for Biological Diversity, said. “Offshore fracking is a dirty and dangerous practice that has absolutely no place in our ocean. The federal government certainly has no right to give...

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