Month: December 2015

Hopefully CERN LHC blows a big fuse

Hopefully the machine will break down…permanently…do the world a favour CERN LHC, and blow a big fuse. If we want to progress as a society we have to root out the Relativity mindvirus which infected cosmology and has now trickled down to all the other branches, resulting in abominations like the LHC experiments where we insist on exploring our universe by exploding and blowing it apart. The world is presently in an energy crisis and we don’t have time to wait for science to advance at the traditional pace, “one funeral at a time”, as Max Planck put it,...

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Canada needs to start building Electric Vehicles

Well done Quebec…cmon Canada lets have some federal subsidies for electric cars!! (and start working on deals with manufacturers to bring EV plants to Canada)

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We are all One

“As a society, we have lost that connection to nature and how it interacts with every form of life. We have bought into ego, materialism, and greed at the expense of depleting our resources and subsequently killing that which keeps us alive.” – via Body Mind Spirit...

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WAR…what is it good for…..NOTHING!!!

WAR, what is it good for???….NOTHING!!! Peace is the way to a better world for future generations…the best gift that could ever be given to a child is that they will never have to leave their families to go to experience war, and the inhumanity of kill or be killed. Image – Gunduz-Aghayev...

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Weekend excursion to Neptune…maybe stay a night orbiting Triton?

Wouldn’t it be great to be able jump in an RV space ship for the weekend and go see all the planets for ourselves? This is not as far fetched as you may think! Its likely the same fundamental understanding of nature which will give us the ability to harness free energy, will also allow us to manipulate gravity…and once we can manipulate gravity, an excursion to orbit around Neptune will seem no further than heading to the lake for the weekend....

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San Bernadino Rampage Timeline

According to CNN video below the alleged extremists who are purported by the mainstream corporate media to be associated with Daesh/ISIL carried out the massacre, and then escaped in an SUV and went back to their apartment where police found them and started to chase them down…shortly after the chase began a gunfight ensued in which the alleged extremists were killed a couple times over with hundreds of bullets. Some official reports say the alleged extremists fired from inside the vehicle at police during the chase, hitting one officer, and also lobbed pipe bombs at pursuing police vehicles. Notwithstanding...

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RIP to victims of San Bernadino Shooting

RIP to all the victims of San Bernadino shootings and their families. Was the San Bernadino massacre really a random shooting carried out by extremists, as the official story goes? Or was there a specific reason why these people were targeted? I wonder if there is anyone among the victims who powerful people might have wanted dead for some reason??? Could it be that a conscienceless mercenary-for-hire US-based paramilitary group could have carried out an execution for specific target(s) at the behest of their corporate and military industry masters, and that the others were collateral damage including the alleged...

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