Month: October 2015

Time for peace Israel, or it’s going to cost you dearly $$$

Time to find a way to peace Israel…or it’s going to cost you dearly that which you treasure the most…MONEY…$billions and billions$. “According to Cukierman, the prospects of Europeans investing in Israeli companies whose shares are traded in the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange are almost zero. Explaining the situation, Cukierman pointed to the impact of BDS. “During general meetings of the leading companies, even if they did examine investing in Israeli companies, it will be off the agenda immediately because of the impact of BDS”, he stated. Given the number of investment opportunities, the heads of leading European companies ask themselves “why should we get mixed up in an investment in Israel, in a conflict zone”, Cukierman told the paper. As an example of the pressure exerted by the BDS campaign, Cukierman cited French multinational Veolia, noting that the company itself admitted losing contracts because of its involvement in Israel.” – via BDS Movement  ...

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EMR Health Alliance of BC – The risks of too much EM radiation

Excerpts below quoted from Electromagnetic Radiation Health Alliance website… “Many scientific studies strongly indicate that electromagnetic radiation (EMR), which includes the extremely low frequencies (ELF), the radio frequencies (RF) and microwave (MW) radiation, is hazardous to life and constitutes a significant threat to public health on a global scale. This conclusion is based on credible research, spanning decades of scientific inquiry. “Our mission is to advocate for the health of the public and the natural world by: enhancing local, Provincial, National, and International efforts to reduce, mitigate, and wherever possible, eliminate hazardous exposure to Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR).” We...

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Pulsar Vega; in Lyra constellation

Almost due west and medium high in the night sky in Nova Scotia now there is a very bright star which seems to twinkle blue and red…very eye catching and constantly changing apparent color and brightness…it is the pulsating star, or “pulsar”, VEGA…part of the Lyra constellation and one of the brightest stars in the sky. “Vega (α Lyr, α Lyrae, Alpha Lyrae) is the brightest star in the constellation Lyra, the fifth brightest star in the night sky and the second brightest star in the northern celestial hemisphere, after Arcturus. It is a relatively close star at only...

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Harper turning Canada into international laughing stock with foreign policy

“On the Harper government’s relations with Russia: Our relations are now a wasteland…. Our leader is now proudly Putin’s harshest critic, the lone hawk of the West, a Churchill soaring over all those Chamberlains, Canada now Russia’s most distant neighbour. And it’s getting us nowhere. Whatever one thinks of our role in the region’s problems, it’s clear we’ll have little role in their solutions – because, as in the Middle East, we have no credibility with essential players. On a larger scale, we in the West accuse Putin of “aggression” in Georgia and Ukraine – we who have driven NATO up Russia’s nose, abrogated the ABM Treaty, bombed Belgrade, Russia’s ancient southern (Yugo) Slav ally, invaded Iraq (handing it to Iran), left Afghanistan in ruin, sown chaos in the Middle East and destroyed Libya – unleashing a flood of arms upon the most vulnerable countries in the world. If we accuse Russia of “aggression,” I ask you, with what would we charge ourselves? All things are relative. There is no meaning without context. Putin is a demon – compared to whom? Russia is aggressive – compared to what?” – Chris Westdal/via

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