Month: May 2015

The all knowing eye of Google

One of the big risks I see of having the tentacles of one or two massive technology companies in all of our business, is the expedited path for an artificial intelligence to manipulate human consciousness, and therefore our consensus-based realty.   We know consciousness affects matter and energy, this has been proven over and over for a hundred years. Social media has now exposed the human mind to a higher potential for tampering by non-organic intelligence.     Somedays Im not so certain this isn’t happening already.   The most dangerous place on earth right now is transhumanist Ray...

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Corrupt Wikipedia administrators trying to delete Flower of Life article

Wikipedia is in the process of deleting the Flower of Life article citing multiple reasons including that is is not notable enough to be deserving of an entry. A quote from the delete nomination page states “As a common design, however, it has not risen to its own notability”. Really?  Not notable?  The Flower of Life may be one of the most important symbols in the history of humanity, and may describe the nature of the vacuum which makes up all matter and energy.  It seems likely the person or parties who are conspiring to have this information removed...

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Two sides to vaccine debate

There are definitely two sides to the vaccine debate…what started out as breakthroughs in public health and medical science may well have turned into a profit-driven gamble without enough consideration of side-effects. But that still doesn’t mean vaccines have been a net-detriment to society…overall as a species we are likely better off for having-had vaccines. It seems that vaccines are at at least partly victim to their own successes…insofar as when virulent diseases are not as prevalent their terrible effects are forgotten and vaccine side-effects seem emphasized. But in many cases the diseases really are worse than the cure....

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Towards a goal of environmental harmony   Its not just about our carbon footprints and emissions…the whole process of extraction and refinement of fossil fuels is absurd…the idea that we should burn a good chunk of the energy we gain, just to dig a deeper hole to get more gas to keep digging.  And Mother Earth is crying…can you hear her begging us to stop? Every action we make from this point forward should be in the interests of moving towards harmony with Earth…every regulatory decision made by governments towards the end of environmental sustainability. Even the smallest concessions across the board can add...

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