Month: April 2015

Promising free energy tech out of India

When the Wright brothers were trying to invent flying machines all the skeptics and flat earth society types told them heavier than air flight was impossible and ridiculed them for even suggesting such bullshit. But the Wright brothers looked in the sky and saw birds flying around and knew it could be done. In nature everywhere there is abundant energy powering ecosystems, air and water currents, hurricanes, tornadoes, solar systems and galaxies. In the hardest most dense matter that we know there are gazillions of atoms which have been spinning presumably since the beginning of creation…at what point do we concede the “perpetual motion” of spinning atoms which makes up all of our universe? A million years? A billion? Its time to give up the myth that we need to burn fuel to generate energy…our planet is telling us she needs time to heal. Humanity is on the cusp of harnessing this vast omnipresent sea of energy to make electricity, and most importantly making those technologies available to the masses…and that will change everything. There is no stopping an idea whose time has come :)...

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Free energy is coming

“If free energy has really been possible for a hundred years than why don’t we have it?” Good question. Here are some answers. I don’t agree with everything written here, but I do believe that powerful and greedy persons and organizations without conscience have suppressed and silenced technology which could free humankind from tyranny and suffering. Free energy is the key to our shared survival and it’s on the way. There’s no stopping an idea whose time has come :)

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Why is the world so messed up?

Why is the world so messed up? Here is one version. I don’t necessarily believe or agree with everything written here, but there is a LOT of very interesting information.  One thing is certain; we ARE being decieved!! As with everything take what resonates and leave the rest…find your own truth and believe in that.  ...

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COMER vs. Bank of Canada

Of course the courts CAN liberate the bank…but will they have the courage to stand up against oppression and a paid off government which supports the privileged few over human rights and equality for all. Wishing COMER and Rocco Galati good luck!!

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The TOR Project – The Onion Router

Privacy from institutional surveillance is one of the fundamental tenets of an open and free society. Tor is free software and an open network that helps you defend against traffic analysis, a form of network surveillance that threatens personal freedom and privacy, confidential business activities and relationships, and state security.Learn more about Tor »|By The Tor Project,...

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Practical Guide to Free Energy Devices

An invaluable resource. Free Energy Guide  from Patrick J Kelly available here is also hosting a copy of the priceless compendium of knowledge here – Free Energy – Patrick J...

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Wind energy not the solution

The current popular gigantic wind turbine designs have many hidden costs in terms of huge infrastructure and materials needed, and also onerous maintenance issues because of their size.

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