Month: February 2015

There is no US and THEM…it is only US

The authorities should be happy that more people are awakening…balancing things out more would be good for everyone including them…the wealthy wouldn’t have so many people mugging them in the streets out of desperation…and the government wouldn’t have so much violence and painful experiences for law enforcement and first responders to endure, and have to deal with the emotional affer-effects…or politicians having to decide between least poor options….balancing things out some is good for everyone....

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Ottawa false flag attacks? – RIP Nathan Cirillo

There are quite a few people who feel strongly that the Ottawa “terror” attacks were conducted by our government to scare people into accepting our liberties being taken from us. At the time of the attacks there were several bills being prepared by our government which were modeled after American legislation like The Patriot Act, and which dealt with security issues and reducing our civil liberties to protect us.…/5412838…/false-flag-ottawa-shooting-at…/ I don’t know if it was a false flag attack or not but I do feel for the soldier who was killed guarding a peace monument (RIP Nathan Cirillo – we remember), and in reading some of the websites returned by my “Ottawa false flag” search I think there are some compelling arguments that it was. Its hard for me to grasp the level of malice required to orchestrate something like this and I want to believe that it couldn’t happen…but then I think about Bush and Cheney and the horrendous things they have done in order to maintain their grip on power, and I think anything is possible. A search on Google returns ~258,000 results for “Ottawa false flag” At what point does conspiracy theory become accepted as truth and the people stand up against our civil liberties being stolen from us and our children for dubious reasons. We don’t want to live in a police...

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Mother Nature’s Grace

Apples turn brown for a reason, and probably a good one that is most balanced and in harmony with everything around it…that’s Mother Nature’s grace. If we stop haphazardly mucking around with genetics, nature will rebalance herself better than we ever could ever hope to with our primitive and extremely limited view and understanding of creation.  Foolish humans are we.     The infinite ripples caused by haphazardly changing genetic codes has effects which we are only beginning to know.  ...

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