Month: October 2014

Rest in Peace ~ We Are Legion

Rest in peace all you brave souls who have made the ultimate sacrifice in defence of our freedom, and god bless you with all my heart. But I agree with the sentiment expressed in this Trews video here and below.  We are being misled and manipulated on a massive scale causing the numbers of suffering and downtrodden everywhere in the world to multiply for the boundless greed of the few, and disregard of the many poor homeless and hungry. And while our courageous brothers and sisters in service are being shot at, our cowardly leader is apparently hiding in...

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Bill C-13 – A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

  Bill C-13 is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. This is a fork in the road where we either head towards a more free and open society of equals, or create further distance between the government and the people. Short term the measures may help prosecute emerging illegal online activities, however over the long term it will ultimately be detrimental to society by accentuating a disproportionate distribution of influence without enough oversight and balance. Tragic as some recent cyberbullying and exploitation cases have been, society will correct itself naturally over time without this strong-arming by the bureaucracy. The people responsible for introducing this legislation lack the vision and understanding to see all the possible outcomes. They are trying to help us but this is the wrong way. Maybe Canada needs a CIO? Power to the people  :)   PROTECT OUR PRIVACY The government’s handling of our sensitive private information is secretive, expensive, and out of control. Click to learn more....

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Us and Them and Broken Sidewalks

Part of the trouble we have today in society is the “US” and “THEM” perception between the people and their government; and the expectation that the government should take care of “US” like a parent takes care of their children.

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