Month: February 2013

Impromptu tales of Intrigue – Scatterbrain – Chapter 1

Wildy swinging wooden sign overhanging shop door and creaking and moaning on rusty metal hinges in protest of the gusto; and below plunged into sideways rain* tacking west along Queen; to and fro dodging puddles and bullets and disoriented pedestrians scrambling and ducking inside their collars, and under folded papers, and futiley waving around ruined umbrellas; and under waterfalls cascading down from pooling rain on noisily flapping canopies, which although caused some otherwise reasonable folk to be wide-eyed and panic-stricken, actually turned out all bluster and fairly harmless, and shared a knowing smile with the wind and the rain. * The sound of music ebbed and waned volume and fidelity in time to the bar door swinging open admitting doers and drinkers and dreamers into air leaden with crunched guitars wafting out into the front bar antechamber; and there mixing with crackling billiard balls accenting the random sonic kalaidescope of myriad human voices colors and shapes; and some heckling laughter rising above that and revealing the very heart of the legend of horse. * Lost to the din thoughts skipping from face to face and bottom to top; and riding along with the pulsating rhythm eminating from the back room stage where music was moving hips and lips, growing smiles and quick sidelong glances at passerbys with the best of intentions. * It was good listening to those songs...

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Musicstrology – Tuesday February 19, 2012 – Scatterbrain

Radiohead – 2003 –  Hail to the Thief – Scatterbrain Radiohead are an English rock band who oscillate in styles all around popular and well out into experimental; with rich textures and lush ambient soundscapes a common thread throughout their arrangements and across albums. Radiohead is Thom Yorke (lead vocals, guitar, piano), Jonny Greenwood (lead guitar, keyboards, other instruments), Colin Greenwood (bass), Phil Selway (drums, percussion) and Ed O’Brien (guitars, backing vocals). The Radiohead band name was inspired by the song Radio Head, from the American New Wave band Talking Heads 1986 album, True Stories.  Perhaps ironically, Radiohead and the Talking Heads share a...

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Ear Benders – Ready for the Flood – Mark Olson and Gary Louris (2009)

It was a bone chilling February evening back in 2009 that I found myself huddling together with other punctuals outside The Mod Club in Toronto; shivering and teeth chattering at a quarter after eight, waiting on the arms-crossed sloped-forehead automaton to let us inside for the doors-open-at-8 billed show. Gary Louris arrived and as entering had a few words with the doorman while motioning to our growing group, our collective breath rising like exhaust from subterranean sidewalk grates, “…it’s freezing out here!”  Not long after the doors swung open and popsicle patrons streamed in exhaling steamy breath in hands rubbing smiles and giddy for the warmth. Not a bad first impression...

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