Month: March 2012

Wikimedia Commons Upload – Friday March 30, 2012

The Halifax waterfront on the day after Hurricane Juan made landfall, and one of it’s unfortunate victims; a sail boat unable to keep enough water on the outside underneath it and now lying on the bottom of the harbour.  My buddy Ted and I took a drive around in the morning to survey the damage, and some areas were definitely harder hit than others. The Halifax waterfront took a pretty good blow, as did the whole shore along North West Arm; a sail boat belly up on horseshoe island really more of a peninsula amidst clustered gawkers and the easily impressed; and then...

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Wikimedia Commons Upload – Tuesday March 20, 2012

Steve’s Loop is an extension of Mary’s Loop on the beginning section of the Kokopelli Trail that runs through badlands between Fruita, Colorado and Moab, Utah. With the Colorado River in the background and the singletrack trail rimming the gulley, this area is a nice  easy ride with great...

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