Month: February 2012

Wikimedia Commons Upload – Wednesday February 29, 2012

The zebras at Oaklawn Farm Zoo…stripes of a different color?!?  What exactly did nature have in mind here I wonder; to make it’s predator dizzy from gazing at the zebras hypnotic synthetic looking patterns? There are several theories on the reasons for the zebra’s stripe adaptation;  the most popular being that they act as camoflauge in the tall wavy grass of African plains, and that the color doesn’t matter as the zebra’s main predator, the lion, is colorblind.  Also it’s possible the stripes act together when zebras are in a herd to make it harder for predators to distinguish singular or weaker animals.  For the zebras themselves the stripes appear to act as a unique trait, not unlike human fingerprints, allowing individual animals to be identified.  It’s incredible to think that over thousands of generations natural selection has caused such a unique and cool looking adaptation.  It’s Evolution...

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